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Acrylic Full Set $30 +

Acrylic Fill In $25

Acrylic White Tip $38

Pink & White (Solar) Full Set w/ gel $43

Pink & White (Solar) Fill In w/ gel $38

Pink Fill Solar w/ gel $25

Shellac Gel Manicure $33

Dipping Nails $38


Basic Manicure $15

Traditional manicure complete with hand soak, nail trim, shaping, cuticle grooming, lotion massage & polish

Upscale Manicure $22

All the benefits of traditional manicure, plus hand massage up to shoulder and paraffin treatment.


Polish Change Hand $8

Polish Change Feet $10

Polish Change French Hand $10

Polish Change French Feet $12

Nail Take Off $10

Nail Repair $3

Nail Art $5

15 min Neck/ Shoulder Massage $20


(Under 10 years old)

Manicure $10

Pedicure $19

Polish Change with nail art $6

Pedicure/ Manicure Combo $29

With 2 Nail Art Designs


Express Facial $40

A quick and targeted facial to introduce you our facial services or to provide a quick treatment if you're pressed for time. The express facial will include a thorough cleansing, steam, and exfoliation and massage.

European Facial $55

Recommended for clients with all skin types for the essential treatments customized to the individual based on a dermatological Face Mapping analysis. Your service will include a thorough cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extraction, massage for the face, neck and shoulders, a mosque and your choice of a hand and arm massage.

Ear Candle $30

This treatment relieves sinus tension, allergies and removes the inner ear wax in both ears.


Eyelash Extension New Set $99 +

Eyelash Extension Fill $55


Our waxing experts use the quickest, most effective, and comfortable techniques to keep your skin silky, touchable, and hair free.

Eyebrows $10

Eyebrow Tint $15

Lips $5

Chin $5

Face $30

Chest $20 +

Under Arms $15

Full Arms $35

Half Arms $20

Half Back $30

Full Back $45 +

Half Legs $30

Full Legs $50

Bikini $30 +

Brazilian $45 +


Additional Services $5 each

- Callus Removal Treatment

- Hot Stone Massage

- Paraffin Dip

- 5 more minutes Massage

Basic Spa Pedicure $26 (with 4 minutes

Don’t have time to pamper those tired feet?

Then get back the basics. Our Express Pedicure includes a foot soak in our new massage spa pedicure chair, cuticle grooming, a brief leg and foot massage with lotion and polish.

Scrub Pedicure $31 (with 6 minutes

The traditional pedicure complete with a foot soak in our new massage spa pedicure chair, nail trim, Shaping, cuticle grooming, exfoliating sea salt scrub, cooling and soothing gel rub, moisturizing mask wrapped in the warm towel, followed with massage and polish.

Deluxe Pedicure (Includes Callus & Scrub) $36 (with 6 minutes

Do you & your feet not see eye-to-eye on the definition of beauty?

Have your feet been working overtime?

This pedicure is designed for those who suffer from dry, chapped feet & calluses. Rest your feet in Sea Soak. Then Sea Scrub provides unparalleled exfoliation for rough, dry skin on the soles of your feet. Therapy is used to smooth and repair even the toughest calluses, followed by a cooling masque and hot towels. You will have the sexiest legs in town when this pedicure is done... Aaaaaaaahhhhhh...


Signature Pedicure $45 (with 12 minute

Relax, your senses with therapeutic lavender while your feet soften in a bath of lavender soak. After your feet have been through the perfect pedicure, a luxurious experience awaits... Lavender with apricot seed will gently exfoliate your legs. Enjoy a moisturizing massage with foot cream followed by a warm paraffin treatment. Hot stone deep massage is also applied. This will ease your feet feeling nourished and incredibly smooth.

Green Tea Therapy Pedicure $45 (with 12 minute

A foot bath in anti-oxidant Green tea and herb leaf start this special service. The feet are then treated to an exfoliating dead sea salt glow scrub and luxurious massage, a layer of sea butter is applied then the feet are dipped in paraffin hot stone. When your feet emerge, they will be extra soft and young-looking.

Paradise Tropical Pedicure $45 (with 12 minute

Rest your senses while your feet soften in a bath of soak. While your feet are buffed with Tropical fruit sea salt glow, your legs care with warm herbal wraps (to soften and plump your skin with a light exfoliation of sloughing scrub, softening sea butter. Then deep moisturizing benefits of a soothing paraffin mask are applied, and hot stones deeply massage.

Milk and Honey Pedicure $45 (with 12 minute

This treatment smoothes and moisturizes tired feet. Honey is wonderful in protecting and rejuvenating with its antioxidant properties, while its hydrogen peroxide properties aid in cleansing. Your feet are soaking in the real milk bath. Following the soak, your feet take place in an exfoliating vanilla sea salt scrub. Apply honey with jojoba mask wrapped in hot towels. Revel in the finishing touch of paraffin and hot stone massage leaves your feet tingling for an hour.

King and Queen Pedicure $50 (with 16 minute

Sit back and relax for a royal treatment: whether you have been running around all day or working out hard, revive your tired legs and feet and refresh your mind with this treatment. We start by pampering your overworked feet in an invigorating bath of fresh mint leaves, peppermint oil, and mint tea. As you rest and breathe in the minty aroma, you are treated to a Peppermint Sugar Scrub made with pure cane sugar crystals that exfoliate dead skin cells. Using hot stones we deeply massage your feet with a Peppermint & Vitamin E oil to condition, moisturize, and smooth your weary feet. Finally, relieve your feet with a therapeutic paraffin dip.

Pomegranate Pedicure $50 (with 16 minute

Poms are rich in antioxidants & can prevent cell damage while boosting the ability of skin to repair itself. Our pomegranate sugar scrub is infused with rich minerals & oils to help detox your tired skin while fighting off imperfection by exfoliating the skin. Combined with hot, steamy towels, our pomegranate sugar scrub is a scrumptious treatment that will melt away dryness and roughness, enriching the skin with nutrition, leaving you radiant and relaxed.

Icy Lemon Pedicure $54 (with 20 minute

Rest your feet in the whirlpool foot bath. A light exfoliation with dead sea salt, sloughing scrub, and exfoliate soothe with seaweed mask that wrap with hot towel to oxygenate and stimulate cells, a layer of skin softening shea butter in paraffin mask is applied. After some sole smoothing, a light moisturizing massage of tropical lotion makes you wish you never had to leave. Hot stone will massage around your calf.

Lychee Lemongrass Pedicure $54 (with 20 minute

This treatment deeply soothes, nourishes and repairs sun damage to renew your skin’s healthy, youthful texture and appearance. Lemongrass, a natural antiseptic, regulates oil secretion and reduces pore size. It neutralizes free radicals and reverses sun damage. We creatively apply all these new products for amazing results. The treatment finishes with warm towels, heated stones, and a candle oil massage.

Hawaiian OPI Pedicure $60 (with 24 minute

With rose petals dissolving in a foot soak, this pedicure will soften the rough areas at the heels and balls of your feet. Intensive callus removal treatment is also our main focus. Hot stone will massage around your calf, finally, a rich birch and mind lotion with a paraffin dip will leave your feet ready for those silk sheets.

Your Choice:

• Hawaiian OPI Lavender

• Hawaiian OPI Oranges

• Hawaiian OPI Green Tea

• Hawaiian OPI Tropical Citrus

Organic Pedicure $65 (with 26 minute

The world's most precious certified organic ingredients such as essential oil and herbal extracts are blended with the rare and exotic argan oil, olive jojoba, and spearmint oil have you velvety soft and glowing.

Your Choice:

• Organic Honey & Milk

• Organic Green Tea

• Organic Mandarin & Mango

• Organic Lavender